domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2013

Fenómenos Atmosféricos - Atmospheric Phenomena

From the Book Tiempo (Time), 1992-1999
Atmospheric Phenomena
Under the gray crowns
of the dirty trees
there's a fury of light.
June is passing by.
And spinning through the streets
like the days of the year,
the wind is running by
tearing posters of June.
Mixing up with the light
it's long and dirty fingers
the blue rain of June
sweeps across the streets.
Mixed with mud and gold
against the dirty floor,
the sun of June is creeping
in slow tatters of light.
And a siren is calling
for the tail of its yell
while the bridges are burning
and tear gas is spent.
The truck of death comes in
through the door of dusk
and gets lost in the streets
of the city in June
Light cold is a sign
for the night trains that move
by the river arousing
the sadness of late June
I've lost my name, my age,
my gender, my adress.
I have lost all my memories
since I forgot your name.
I don't know how to call you
or where to call you now.
I forgot being together
someday, someway, some June.
The past just doesn't hurt
there's no future ahead.
You're not by my side.
The world doesn't revolve.

Una artista, dos proyectos en uno: Esperanza D'Ors y las sirenas que provocaron a Ulises.

  Esperanza D'Ors tiene entre manos un proyecto que es dos proyectos: por un lado, el conjunto de esculturas que forman la parte princip...