martes, 3 de septiembre de 2013

Love Song (English version)

From the Book Tiempo (Time), 1992-1999
                                              Love Song
I don't want any happines
if you don't stay with me
so kiss me, kill me know
and the sky won't grow empty
inside the light of dawn,
hollow roofs won't appear
in an ignorant world.

I can foresee the light
falling upon the streets,
strangeness growing out there
like a river of cold,
a morning without purpose
a day already worn,
and no relief, no death.

I can think of tomorrow.
You'll be there no more.
So if the future keeps
some improbable day
of joy I do not care.
I do not want the prize.
All I want is you.

We wont be together
as we are today.
So if that's tomorrow
I give it away.
I ask to die now
by the warm uncounsciousness
coming from your sleep.

Your ignorant body,
this ignorant world,
they do'nt reply, they leave me
to the depth of my fear
I ask to die this moment.
No one listens to me
No one shall grant my wish.

Una artista, dos proyectos en uno: Esperanza D'Ors y las sirenas que provocaron a Ulises.

  Esperanza D'Ors tiene entre manos un proyecto que es dos proyectos: por un lado, el conjunto de esculturas que forman la parte princip...